Treatment of erectile dysfunction and potency recovery

To understand what the sexual defections connected with erectile dysfunction, nowadays “erectile dysfunction” medical therm is widely used. Previous years, the meaning of the term “impotency” was explained in the other way, the precise meaning of which was “the inability to perform certain sexual actions.” Today, both variations of the term are used, if a patient addresses a doctor searching for help in the problem of decreased potency and sexual activity. What can be named erectile dysfunction?

What is impotency – it is sexual powerlessness, in which a man can not accomplish the sexual act. This disaster can overtake a man at any age.

Frequent erectile problems are caused to reflect on the future health of men. After all when there are failures in the potency in man, there are problems in his personal life, it can injure him, as well as develop complexes from which it will be difficult to get rid of in future.

Like any other illness, it is easier and more efficient to treat impotency in the initial stage. Drug therapy is one of the most effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and Melbourne Chemist can present the large selection of the drugs (Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra) effective in ED treatment. It is important not only to establish the diagnosis of “erectile dysfunction”, but to identify the cause of disturbances to develop policies aimed at increasing potency.

Treatment usually takes place in the following areas:

– treatment of the disease, which has evolved as a result of impotence;
– therapy (to treat impotence of any kind);
– drug stimulation, amplifying desire and erection;
– injection therapy (for the treatment of vascular impotence) in the penis entered a drug acting on the blood flow;

Treatment usually takes place in the following areas

Vacuum treatment:

– a negative pressure in the chamber, where the penis is placed mechanically causes a rush of blood;
– penile prosthesis.
Men do not ask for the treatment because they believe that nothing can be done. In fact, everything is different. At vast majority of male erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated.

You do not need to feel awkward talking to your doctor. It is important to be completely honest with him, so that he could get a full and accurate picture of the disease and appoint the appropriate treatment, give the necessary information and provide necessary support.

Means for impotency are a combination of various medicines, dietary supplements (dietary supplements), as well as popular recipes of decoctions, infusions of herbs and other ingredients. All these means are different in nature and combined into one large group, because they have a common feature – the ability to improve or normalize the erection of the penis, making it sufficient for full sexual intercourse.

Thus, currently available treatment for impotence following, which are used in different situations depending on the causative factors are:

Psychotherapy – is effective in eliminating impotency provoked by psychological factors such as stress, conflicts, depression, lack of sexual experience, a sense of awkwardness and embarrassment of the partner, fears associated with sex prior to a bad or negative experience of sexual intercourse, etc.

Hormone replacement therapy (acceptance of male sex hormones) – effective for treating impotency caused by androgen deficiency, occurring usually in the elderly.

Oral therapy (receiving various medicines and dietary supplements) – is effective for impotency caused by different versions of the blood flow to the penis disorders. Topical agents (creams and ointments designed for application to the penis) – are effective in impotency due to low libido, impaired blood flow to the penis, etc. Traditional methods of treatment – are effective in impotency associated with malnutrition, stress, etc.

Influence of special component – the endocrine system – on the mechanism of the development of such diseases as erectile dysfunction are currently studied adequately. According to clinical studies, most of the impotency is caused by lowering of the male hormone – testosterone. Accelerating the production of sex hormones is aimed at increasing of potency.
In complex therapy aimed at the male treatment of erectile dysfunction who used drugs that regulate the function of blood vessels and help to improve nerve conduction, influencing the process of erection recovery.

According to numerous studies, erectile dysfunction is a common disease. In all cases impotency leads to lower quality of life for the patient. According to statistics, more than 30% of men 18 to 59 years of age have erectile dysfunction and need to improve  potency.
The global situation today is: more than 150 million men over 40 years suffer from erectile dysfunction and need to enhance potency. According to the forecasts of the National Institutes of Health of the United States by 2025 that number could increase by more than 2 times. Such negative trends are explained by an increase in risk factors for erectile dysfunction, among them – diabetes, a widespread cardiovascular disease.


The Most Ridiculous Myths about Men’s Health


Men know how to take care of their health, but sometimes you can stumble upon some very interesting facts about it. Sometimes, some decisions and the facts tell a lie, and it is not proven by medical institutions. Here are collected the most common mistakes that are passed off as truth – and men believe in them, following omens.

Flagrant Facts about Men’s Health

Penis – is the greatest source of concern men. Myth has repeatedly refutes clinical studies and assurances sexologists, but men still do not believe and continue to go to the toilet with a ruler. Scientists have found that men with large penises self-esteem higher than that of “middling”. However, the physiological function of the penis size has no effect if it is, of course, not micro penis. The man with the long penis does not have the most fertile, lots of testosterone and greater capacity for sexual satisfaction sexual partner.

This myth was invented by women who are unable to afford good sex. Also, these tales can come up with the men, when they have enough in their opinion a good size.

Urologists have not found a coincidence between size of foot and penis`s length. However, instead of feet may sound any other part of the body, such as the length of the index or middle finger, even the size of the nose? The length of penis depends on genetic data and does not correlate with the size of body parts. People do not have bones in the penis, but it is possible to break the tissue cavernous bodies which are full of blood during arousal and tunica albuginea.

  1. It is possible to break penis only during the onset of an erection.
  2. This occurs most often during sexual act while the woman is on up.
  3. At the turn of the penis can be clearly distinguished “crunchy” sound.
  4. This is a very painful injury requiring emergency treatment.
  5. Otherwise, a man can remain impotent.

Also, there is an interesting myth that swimming shorts impair sperm production. Clinical studies do not confirm this. On the sperm production prolonged high temperatures affect, which can be caused by wearing tight jeans, because for sperm production is required a temperature of 3-5 degrees below body temperature. Swim did not affect the number and mobility of sperm, do not change the temperature in the groin area, although it tight to the body than the “boxers”.

Sexual Activity is Only at 18 Years Old

This is almost true, since testosterone reaches a maximum of 18 years. However, it is not always indicative of the sexual activity, as responsible for many other functions in the body, for example, the formation of lean body mass. Falling production levels of testosterone – is a partial lack of androgen of older men, or so-called “andropause” occurs only in about a third of men over 35 years. However, most men retain the ability to conceive a child to a ripe old age. The risk of disease is low, but it requires an exception to be fully confident in the future.

A risk factor is considered:

  • high levels of estrogen;
  • chronic liver disease;
  • radiation exposure;
  • Klinefelter syndrome.

It is believed that 30-70% of breast cancer in men developing against gynecomastia, in particular its focal form.

Osteoporosis – is found only among women. This is a myth, only 20% of 100% of the patients with osteoporosis – men. For men the disease is less common due to the lack of a strong skeleton and menopause, which threatens to rapid hormonal changes. Because of osteoporosis, affects older men with low testosterone levels. A risk factor is considered alcoholism, smoking, and steroids. But this figure is not an escape from the disease that will never affect you.


Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction is a common and easily treatable condition that affects many men, causing them the inability to achieve and maintain an erection of their penis, leading to dysfunction in their sexual activity. Commonly referred to as impotence, erectile dysfunction can play a serious role in a man’s self-confidence and esteem, as many who are affected by this condition may feel embarrassed or ashamed. Erectile dysfunction may place a strain on one’s relationships as their sexual life is impeded. Both partners may feel frustrated, unsatisfied as their physical needs are not being met, and a loss of intimacy. One’s partner may suffer emotionally, placing the blame of the erectile dysfunction on themselves, that their partner is no longer interested or attracted to them. The one experiencing the erectile dysfunction may feel inadequate in their ability to perform and satisfy their partner. These emotions can lead to misplaced anger, arguments, and resentments. Fortunately, however, the causes of erectile dysfunction are common, and the condition can be easily treatable, allowing one to return to normalcy and proper sexual function.


Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are straight forward, including:
Inability to achieve erection
Inability to sustain erection
Weak erection

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

There are many factors both physical and psychological that contribute to a man’s ability to achieve and sustain arousal. Achieving erection involves a complex process includes the brain, hormones, nerves, blood vessels, and emotions. If either of these factors are askew, one can experience erectile dysfunction. Impotence is typically a side effect of a larger physical issue at play. Often an underlying physical or psychological condition is at the root cause of the dysfunction, and the dysfunction can be resolved with managing the root problem. These causes may include:
Heart disease
Clogged blood vessel
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Development of scar tissue inside the penis
Certain types of prescription medications
Tobacco use
Excessive alcohol consumption

Drug abuse
Sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnea
Treatments for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate
Surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area or spinal cord
Depression, Anxiety, Stress or other mental issues


Treatment for erectile dysfunction may include treating the underlying health issue that is causing the erectile dysfunction, whether that be a physical condition or seeking psychological therapy for issues with depression, anxiety and stress. In addition to treating the underlying conditions, certain medications are available for a more immediate, dependable solution. Drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra work by increasing blood flow and relaxation, allowing one to get an erection when sexually stimulated. If the erectile dysfunction is caused by low levels of testosterone, hormone therapy or testosterone supplements may be prescribed.


The best course of action for any condition is always prevention. To help prevent erectile dysfunction, it is important maintain a healthy weight, follow a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. Any medical conditions should be managed by a physician, especially those related to weight, heart disease, diabetes or chronic illness. The use of drugs and tobacco should be avoided, as well as drinking in excess. Stress, anxiety or depression should be managed, or dealt with through the help of a professional if needed.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that many men are embarrassed to talk about and seek help for. The condition however is common and affects nearly 18 million men throughout the United States. Under the guidance and care of a physician, erectile dysfunction is easily treatable, and most men are able to return to normal sexual function.